The Pursuit of Happiness

As I lounge on my beach chair, sangria in one hand, paperback in the other, a line jumps out at me. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy are you with your life?” I mull this question over my mid-day wine buzz, then circle number 9. Yep, I reflect, I’m one happy motherfucker!

Recently, a friend called us out for being too chipper. “You can’t possibly be as perky as your social media,” she challenged. The truth is, happiness is a state of mind. It takes practice, perspective, and whole lot of humour. Of course, this unholy mess of a decade is not helping. Every time we think humanity has softened, someone bitch-slaps a celebrity (looking at you Fresh Prince).

We’re no strangers to grief, anxiety, or depression. Our first blog was published the same month Dad was diagnosed with esophagus cancer. Lori lost her husband Scott three years later. We’ve earned the right to curl up in the fetal position, but that’s the last place you’ll find us.

What makes us happy you ask? A freshly inserted Q-tip, wedge salads with tons of bacon, comfortable shoes, clingwrap that doesn’t stick to itself, online clothing that fits, finding cash in your coat pocket, a premium parking spot, girls weekends that fill your boots.

You gotta take notice of these simple game changers, because they absolutely add up!

Your kind words inspire us to lift you higher. The goal is to entertain our beloved sisterhood for as long you’re raring to ride shotgun into the sunset.

Money can’t buy happiness…but if you send us $1.99 and a fresh pan of pot brownies, we’ll be happy to test the theory!


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  1. Susan

    I look forward to Your thoughts every week , they always make me smile and laugh, the 50s are so great you just live and do whatever the fuck makes us happy ❤️

  2. Bonnie

    So happy you are so happy ❤️ I must say I am a bit envious this morning as I sit watching cop cars surrounding a house down the street. Two females arrested so far …… and to top it off – I have Covid . I am living vicariously through you this week. I love your positive and comical posts. Please send pictures of your amazing adventure ❤️

  3. Missy

    This is everything ladies! Great post to start us into April! 🙂

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