My Blood Type Is B Positive

Whenever I’m asked what I’m grateful for, I fire off perfunctory answers like health, happiness, and a crisp sauvignon blanc. However, to live your best life, you have to acknowledge the small shit. Below are overlooked, everyday reasons to be grateful!

1. Elastic waistbands.

2. You never forget your first love. Cheese, you’ll always brie a part of me.

3. To the Norma Rae’s and Billy Jean’s who paved the way for a smoother (Sally) ride.

4. No camera phones to capture our misspent youth.

5. Curse words that make me sound like a fuckity-fuck lady rather than a goddamn dick.

6. The beauty of raising young adults is the luxury to pee alone.

7. Crawling into freshly washed sheets. Teenage boys who missed laundry days found themselves in sticky situations.

8. Unhinging the bra that binds me.

9. Toenail polish that makes all feet look pretty from a distance.

10. They paved paradise to put up a primo parking spot.

❣ We’re especially thankful for all the kind words from our followers. The next time someone asks what I’m grateful for, I’ll reply, “How much time do you have!”

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