Just a small town girl…

We were born and raised in small town Saskatchewan, and have an enormous sense of pride and debt to our community. Thirty years ago we couldn’t wait to escape, however, “Speedy Creek” will always be home.

Formative years

Only one high school
Teachers called you by your older siblings names
Half the people in your class had the same last name
Living in a small town is like living in a large dysfunctional family
It caused a kerfuffle if you dated someone from the other junior high
You graduated with the same people you met on the first day of kindergarten









Party time

“Main drag”
Lifelong friends
Gossip, gossip, gossip
Cruisin’ “the dub” (A&W)
We bleed green, Go Riders!
Parties in a pasture, quonset or dirt road
The whole town knew who the bad kids were
You spent 8-10 hours a day at the outdoor swimming pool
Getting caught with open liquor in your car would set you back $60
You could always find someone to “pull” beer for you and your underage friends


2nd west pool – our home away from home








Sweet simplicity

Police crime blotter
Diners and drive-ins
Swimming in the creek
No traffic jams or road rage
North side / south side rivalry
No form of public transportation
The parade has John Deere tractors in it
Everywhere was within walking distance
You didn’t lock the doors to your house or cars
You couldn’t wait to move away only to discover that you love going back
A death in the family prompts an abundance of hot meals from your neighbors
Hospital reports with patient’s condition on the radio – satisfactory, progressing favorably









Shopping local is the only option
Cab ride across the city is under $10
Left cash for the milkman on your front step
The buzz of excitement when McDonald’s came to town
Had a charge account at the gas station and grocery store
Hit the big time when stores started staying open on Thursday nights and Sundays








Small town slogans

San Andres, California: It’s not our fault

Phoenix, Oregon: The other Phoenix

Happy, Texas: The town without a frown

Gas, Kansas: Don’t pass Gas, stop and enjoy it

Hooker, Oklahoma: It’s a location, not a vocation

Gettysburg, South Dakota: Where the battle wasn’t

Swift Current, Saskatchewan: Where life makes sense

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  1. Margot Weiner

    Lovely 🙂

  2. Verna Hucman

    I am sending this to small town girls! 🙂

  3. Kimberly Berg

    I remember well!! Love it!

  4. Sandy Yozipovic

    Too funny! oh the memories of Speedy Creek!

  5. Donna Waldner

    ha ha tooo funny girls, but Pil you were the one pulling us beer, remember 'the Big I', I was so impressed you got in there. I wont say how old we were……lol

  6. Bonnie Faucher

    Haha. This is awesome! Love Speedy Creek!

  7. Rhonda Navin


  8. Glenys Weedon

    Thanks for the greatt sangria recipe. It was a hit at the lake

  9. Dawn Marie Parker Pighin

    Hahahaha so true ! Love Speedy Creek!

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