Feelgood New Year’s Goals

What words describe the past few years?
Uncertainty, intolerance, division, and fear.
A global kick-in-the ass seems long overdue,
Humanity is suffering, so what can we do?

Kill them with kindness, turn back the clocks,
Get the band back together, pull up our socks.
Laud manners, social graces, bring back the cheer,
Manifest good tidings for folks far and near.

Forgive those who trespass against your politics,
Don’t presume they’re simply half-cocked pricks.
Lead by example, impressionable youth have ears,
Cork up loose lips fueled by wine, gin, or beers.

Give back, be a light, tune out the news,
Count to 1000, belly laugh, moderate booze.
Go gentle on yourself, be the first to agree,
Let go of some shit, and set yourself free!

If you send this to 50 friends, your wishes will come true. 🍷

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  1. Bonnie

    So much wisdom! Great advice sisters! Happy New Year!

  2. Curt Klein

    Feliz anos nuevo amigas, gracias for a weekly chuckle desperately needed in this last year ❤️

  3. Karen Enns

    Brilliant. We need more of this!
    Happy New Year!!

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