Debbie Downer’s Depression

When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile, and say…you hit like a bitch.

We follow a number of hilarious bloggers whose common denominator, besides cracking us up, is depression. When people admit they bounce between Tigger in public to Eeyore at home, there’s an instant kinship. The shift from deep dark secret to openly vulnerable normalizes our sad-sack mental health.

Most of us suffer occasionally from bouts of the blues. If you’ve ever asked, “How long is life going to fuck me until it just wants to cuddle?” you’re not alone. It’s been a rough year for us, and if we look bright and bubbly on the outside, it’s because we’re full of champagne.

Just another Xanax Monday.
I’ve never been prone to anxiety, but now my nerves fidget over something as simple as lunch with friends. My heart palpitations are as vigorous as baby kicks, yet remind me that life goes on after death of a loved one. My head keeps complaining “You’re bringing me down bitch,” while my body wishes we had more middle fingers.


I may look calm, but in my head I’ve killed you three times.
My anger alternated between boil and simmer. No one in my family was spared. I got caught in a perfect storm of grief and hormones. It’s hard to keep a sense of humour when you’re down a quart of estrogen. I found myself possessed by rage. Linda Blair was my spirit animal. I’d pop a cork, so I didn’t pop my cork.


If you fall, I’ll always be there. – The Floor
Depression threatened to drown me whenever I tried to swim upstream. My doctor prescribed a life jacket. There’s no shame in medicating when you can no longer tread water. This funk isn’t permanent. When the waves retreat, I’ll paddle out. Not everyone is so lucky. What the hell did depression do before Netflix?


I have weeks of sunshine before the storm clouds roll in, and rain pours down my cheeks. I naively believed that happiness was a choice, but it’s not always that easy. Somedays I’d like to put an ‘out of order’ sticker on my forehead and call it a day. Positive affirmations look good on paper, but they don’t always stick, even when they’re written on a Post-it.

Sangria Wine Rack

Sister Soothers
Live in the moment. Stop worrying about the future.
Do something nice for someone else.
Get together with your girlfriends. Even when it seems like an effort.
Practice yoga. It’s as good for your heart as it is for your body.
Solicit hug therapy.
Take daily vitamins to improve your mood.
Soak in a warm tub with a bottle of wine.
Shop online.
Put the headphones on and listen to your favourite song...over and over.
You’re only one brisk walk away from a better mood.
Stay in your pajamas and do nothing for a whole day.
Watch videos of babies laughing, or dogs being adorable.
Refill that Rx.
Slap on some lipstick and get out there.

Tunes you should have on your iPod:
Green Day ✤ Basket Case
Imagine Dragons ✹ Demons
Johnny Cash ✪ Hurt (Nine Inch Nails cover)

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  1. Danny Miller

    Hey Sisters: Wonderful post.

    I am doing a long term portrait project that I would love to have you participate in.

    Let me know.

    • Sangria Sisters

      Sure Danny, we would definitely be interested in that! So many of our friends have lost parents in the last few years. We would all qualify for your project.

  2. Rachel

    So timely. You hit it on the nail. I can relate to the ‘positive’ statement . Sometimes it is just hard to be that. Thanks so much for sharing

  3. Landen Stein

    To the Sisterhood et al, for a pick-me up, one of my recent go to’s is:

    “Yer blues John, yer blues…”
    Mick Jagger intro to John Lennon and The Dirty Mac rendition of “Yer Blues”, (The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus)…

    Listen to Mick Jagger & John Lennon’s Introduction of the Dirty Mac by John Lennon & Mick Jagger on @AppleMusic.
    And “Yer Blues”

  4. Dawn

    What an awesome post Valerie. I learn something new everyday my friend. Luv ya

  5. Carolyn Peters

    This hits very close to home. My favourites are, “just get over it”, “move on”, “just be happy, it’s easy” oh, I hadn’t thought of that. Grrr

    • Sangria Sisters

      I agree Carolyn. I was one of those uninformed people who thought happy was a choice. But now that I’ve seen the black hole of sadness, I’ve changed my tune. Life is hard, but we’re in this together!

  6. Jessie

    I love this!!! I love your website. Mostly I love all of your blog entries and your writing

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