The Marathon of Life

Be Kind Muthaf#%$ers

After years of watching humanity implode, Mother Earth deserves a new moral code, Pandemics and politics up the wazoo, The other side shitting on your point of view. Like love…

A Ray of Hope

I hope to once again lick cheezie dust off my fingers without the fear of dying. I hope to hear a bartender ask, “Will that be shaken or stirred?” I…

Time Enough

By Danna Faulds ✿ From Root To Bloom The wisdom voice says: "Be still. Take time for what is truly important." I imagine myself diving, leaving behind an untidy trail…

This One’s For The Boys

When we first brainstormed a blog, our game plan was to quarterback the superbowl of sisterhoods. To our surprise, we also scored a misterhood! The bro’s filling the stands will…

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