25 Things You May Not Know About Lori

By Val MacLean

1. Lori’s beverage of choice is bubbles. She’s Proseccond to none. 🍾

2. She trusts that with the right pair of shoes you can conquer the world.

3. Her eyebrows are always immaculately groomed.

4. She never wanted a dog, until a soft-coated wheaten terrier named Brogan completed her family. Now, a 60 lb. lap dog named Martini is her baby boy.

5. Her golf drives off the tee box are money.


6. After years in a dermatology clinic, she’s an expert on acne and skin care.

7. She has a passion for high-end cars.

8. Lori is artistic, visual, and a good photographer.

9. She went to school for makeup artistry. Cosmetics are her drug, Sephora is her crack house.


10. She understands that housework won’t kill her, but why take the chance.

11. Lori snacks on a meat and cheese charcuterie plate every day.

12. She was perpetually cold, heating her home like a seniors centre…until the flashes set in. Now she’s one hot chick.

13. Lori has had the same four best friends her entire life.

Image 5

14. She has sharp, dry, one-liner wit.

15. Even if Lori caught 40 thousand winks, she never gets enough sleep.

16. She would make an excellent personal shopper for a living.

17. Lori was always a Daddy’s girl.

18. She’s very organized, working magic with her label maker.

19. She loves fireballs, hot tamales, and sweet tarts candy.

20. Lori is an excellent driver.

21. She considers my son Brennan her first born.

22. Her favourite hangover meal is a Dairy Queen flamethrower and poutine.

23. She has a brown belt in karate.

24. Other than yoga, she doesn’t like to exercise.

25. Lori competed on the Saskatchewan synchro provincial team at the Canadian games. Ken did not!

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  1. Ken MacLean

    26+ Seriously, the best sister-in-law on the planet, able to deliver wicked one liners (that are like barbs if directed at you but rather funny if aimed elsewhere), and a good concert buddy.

  2. Lesley

    Also a great neighbour, I miss drinks on the driveway…..

  3. Sangria Sisters

    Lesley, my driveway is always open for cocktails. Cruise on over!
    Thanks concert buddy Kenny, it’s best to be standing beside me, rather than in front of me.

  4. Michelle Pawson

    This is pure awesome!

  5. Joanne

    Ha! When I gave the toast to the bride at Lori and Scott’s wedding – I said the same thing! Really funny when her one liners are directed at someone else. That’s why we were all so happy Scott came along as a new recipient!!

  6. Tamara

    Love this! Lori – I must apologize… I’m the creepy redhead who kept staring at you in the cheese aisle at Costco last weekend! I read your blog every week and wanted to say hello, but utterly failed at finding something to say. 🙂 Very much enjoy your wit and the contributions you & Val make to my state of mind each week! Keep on keepin on!

    • Lori

      Ahhh, the Cheshire Cat in the cheddar aisle! Not creepy, just suspenseful. Next time say hi, I’ll talk your ear off from there.

  7. Jodi Bobenic

    Amazing. And I love you Lori. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Rachel

    Love this . I look forward to what you are going to talk about each week. Keep up the good work!

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