Frequently Asked Questions

Mom used to make cookies with me,
Now she blogs and I pretty much raise myself.
Brennan, Abby, & Nolan

It’s hard to believe five years have passed since we took this leap of faith. In that time, we lost a father, a husband, and a fur baby.

We’ve circled high enough to touch the clouds, and suffered roadkill lows. A head-on with a Mack truck who backed up to finish the job. Digging deep to find the funny is what saved us.

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions:

Why the hell did you start a blog?

We’re cooler on the internet than in person. Also, m’ ladies are everything. We’ve built a sisterhood connecting old friends with new. The biggest surprise was how the dudes dig us.

Do you drink all the time?

Hell to the no! We can double fist with the best of them, but we’re careful to balance the scales with greens, yoga, fitness, and hikes. Alcohol is a depressant, tread lightly.

What’s your favourite part?

The bff’s we’ve met over social media, many of whom we’ve never met in person. The connection is real.

What’s your least favourite part?

Technology, my middle finger salutes you.

How’s the blog doing so far?

Who the hell knows? We can’t figure out Google analytics.

Do you work together?

We used to regularly. It helps to bounce ideas off each other, and gave us an excuse to day drink.

These days Val devotes more time to causes like Mealshare, Brown Bagging For Calgary’s Kids, and the Ovarian Cancer Lady Ball.

Lori is travelling, healing, and pursuing spiritual awakenings.

Does the blog make any money?

I wish! It’s not easy for bloggers to make money. Val believes that creating the right team would up the production value, allowing for world domination. Any takers?

How can we help?

This is where our readers come in. WE NEED YOU to share the love.

Tell your friends, share our shit, like our social media posts. When you don’t, social media fat cats work their algorithm voodoo, and bury us in the middle of the lake.

What’s the reader’s takeaway?

Don’t take life so seriously, none of us are getting out alive!

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  1. Ken MacLean

    I think the sisters have done an amazing job of leveraging this platform to make us laugh, do social good, raise awareness on important and obscure causes, and garner money and resources for charity. The unlikely relationships, both online and in person are amazing. And the dudes like the blog as it like reading the other team’s playbook. Keep rolling!

  2. Loretta Gotmy

    I am a testament to being an online friend! The connection is real. You ladies make me laugh and remember what is important. Using humour and wine! My favourite

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