Bragging Whites 🍷 Dummies For Wine – Vol. I

It’s no secret the sisters love their liquor, but wine is Numero Uno. You’d think after pilgrimages to Napa and the Okanagan we’d be experts by now, but we don’t sweat the highfalutin’ details. I’m tasting grapes and alcohol. Like opera, wine is full-bodied, complex, and you don’t have to understand to dig it.

In the old days, budgets and benchmarks were low. Fizzy magnums of Spumante Bambino were rescued mouth-to-mouth. Screw top wine straight outta the bottle kept it classy. There was no problem a box of wine couldn’t fix. The aftermath of chugging cheap shit like a human decanter was an anvil to the brain.

Nowadays, the seasons dictate what I’m pouring. A crisp Sauv Blanc breathes new life into a spring day. When hot summer nights call for something sweet, I slip into a slinky Riesling. An oaky Chardonnay complements my fall sweaters. As the snow flies, Pinot Noir warms my soul.

We didn’t become aficionado’s [a.k.a. wino’s] until it served as a life preserver during the baby and toddler years. I’m told those were the best years of my life. There’s a sisterhood amongst wine lovers. It’s A-OK to imbibe alone, but it’s better served with your favourite bitches.

✿ Lori was sorely missed at our annual girls golf trip, so our beautiful BFF’s brought along her dummy double.

Sangria "White" Wine Rack

Mellow YellowPair Avec Fromage Sexiness
Prosecco/SparklingCashmereTriple Crème, Camembert, Gorgonzola Bubbly
RieslingSun-kissed blondeEdam, Gouda, ColbySweet
Pinot GrigioCandlelight Ricotta, Asiago, Mozzarella Easy
Sauvignon BlancAmber alertParmesan, Gruyere, Sharp CheddarSmoky
ChardonnayMorning urineBrie, Goat, Cambozola Rich

How many calories are in a medium glass of wine?
● 120 calories in red
● 108 calories in white
● 113 calories in champagne

How long does wine keep:
● Best if kept in the fridge
● White keeps for 2-4 days
● Red can last up to 1 week [we’ve drank it dangerously close to salad dressing]

How to chill a bottle in 20 minutes or less:
● Ice and salt in a bucket chills faster than refrigerating.
● Wrap bottle in a clean wet dishtowel, pop in freezer for 20 min.

What is the ideal temperature?
White: The lighter the wine, the colder it can be. Oaked white is better warmer.
Sparkling: Ice cold, place in freezer ½ hour before opening.
Rich Reds (Cab Sauv, Shiraz, Bordeaux, Merlot): Slightly cooler than room temperature.
Fruity Reds (Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Burgundy): Chill 30 minutes before opening.
Dessert wine: Varies. Refrigerate and remove one hour before opening.

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  1. Karen

    To my favorite YNO’s, my time is never ‘wasted’ trying to learn about the finer things in life from the Sangria Sisters!

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