University Bound

I’m not crying…
That’s just an overpriced college education in my eye.

Some kids have to be pushed out of the nest, some can’t fly fast enough. Two weeks after he turned 18, “our” firstborn officially flew the coop. We watched him soar 30,000 feet above the clouds before landing in Nova Scotia, home to St. FX University.

The atmosphere of frosh week was exhilarating. The air was charged with excitement and teen spirit. Brennan patiently allowed his Grandmother, Aunt, and Mother to organize his prison cell, er… dorm room. He stopped us just short of unpacking the condoms. My fear I’d break down as we said goodbye was shot to shit when he dismissed us with a firm “It’s time to go.”


The first day of kindergarten seemed like yesterday. As the bus pulled away he pressed his nose against the glass, tears streaming down his face. I immediately jumped in the car and followed it all the way to school. This week when he called with a tinge of loneliness in his voice, it was all I could do not to race back six provinces to pick him up.


Naturally, he had a million questions, and we tried to provide a few nuggets of wisdom only hindsight can provide:

Will I survive on my own?
The answer’s still out on that one. We tried all summer to strong-arm you into caring for yourself, but you’d rather starve than make your own sandwich. Considering the seven pounds you recently lost from your wisdom teeth, the Freshman 15 will look good on you. It wasn’t as kind to me…

Will I run out of money?
Probably. There’s a rite of passage that you and your friends have skipped, known to us as poverty. When we were your age, we’d put $2 in the tank and pool our quarters for beer. I’m not sure your generation, with their Beamers and Audi’s, will get that.

How often did you party?
Ummmm, it’s not about me…this week’s all about you.

How can high school be that different from university?
I remember how surprised my brilliant friends were when they entered those hallowed halls. Big fish from small ponds quickly get schooled, and find themselves drowning in a sea of calculus. You’ll be surrounded by brainy, ambitious sumbitches. Rise to the challenge.

Is it gonna be hard?
Absolutely, you’re going to have to work your ass off. And for good reason. Would you want a med-student who barely graduated to perform your future vasectomy?

How do I find the balance?
This will definitely be the hardest adjustment. My nagging days are over. You’ll have to develop a stronger work ethic while still having fun, because the parties are what you’ll remember down the road.

We’re torn between missing him and wanting to be him. Our job as parents is to teach our kids to get along without us. Brennan made the decision to move as far away as possible. Mission accomplished…

Auntie Lori is currently accepting applications for a new favourite.


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  1. Margot

    Brennan is at the beginning of his own great adventure – a future X Man in the making 🙂 So exciting for all of you!

  2. Ken MacLean

    Songs I added to my playlist were:
    A Tear in My Beer by Hank Williams (for me)
    Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen and,
    Dream On by Aerosmith

  3. Kathy

    I followed the kindergarten bus too. Wishing Brennan all the best in his new adventure!

  4. Lisa

    Caught between tearing and smiling…

  5. Lisa

    Oh and Auntie Lori…my middle boy is available

  6. Bonnie

    I feel your pain girlfriend….I was sure tears would not enter these brown eyes as I left Brody in his second year….oops kleenex required. Is driving while crying classified as distracted driving?? Daniel’s not sure if all this extra love and attentiveness is a good thing or a bad thing? Trust me though….8 months….they will survive!

  7. Danny Miller

    What a wonderful post ladies!

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