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Phoenix reminds me of a sprawling urban oil painting. Its dazzling brush strokes create a kaleidoscope of colour. Where else would you find coral sunsets, azure blue skies, red russet mountains, and khaki coloured cacti? There’s a reason snowbirds flock to Arizona. It injects Vitamin D into our pale Canadian bodies…and it’s really fucking fun.


Nothing beats a winter holiday. A week in the Arizona desert is as restorative as rolling out a yoga mat. I was thrilled to reconnect with my homegirl Sandy (sounds gangsta but she’s literally from my hometown). As teenagers, we had a knack for getting into crazy shit. Reminiscing makes us laugh so hard that tears stream down our legs.


Phoenix is one of the best hiking cities in America. Sandy and I scaled both a 3-mile and a 5-mile hike up Lost Dog Trail. Panoramic desert views made it worth the climb, and the constant incline was no sweat. We rewarded ourselves with a patio lunch at True Food Kitchen in the fabulous Scottsdale Quarter outdoor mall.

Ken and Nolan tackled the Echo Canyon Trail, an intense 1.23 mile anaerobic staircase. This rugged rollercoaster hike up CamelBack Mountain supports steep grades, rails, large boulders, and phenomenal views. At the top you enjoy an unabated 360-degree view. Clean living is suggested to make it to the top. Agility is useful to make it to the bottom.


We stayed at a beautiful home in Paradise Valley, a quiet oasis in the heart of Scottsdale. It was minutes away from Fashion Square and Old Town Scottsdale. Old Scottsdale is brimming with art galleries, unique artisan shops, and trendy restaurants and bars. Gorgeous palm trees wrapped in soft white twinkly lights add to the rustic elegance.


We knew we’d struck gold at Tapas Papa Frita when we noticed Sangria on the menu. It made the lights glow brighter, the food richer, and my man more attractive. Take a moment to chat with the owner, an animated Spaniard with a treasure trove of stories. The food was delectable, but the big surprise was discovering I’m a natural Flamenco dancer.


Phoenix is a golf lover’s wet dream with over 200 courses to choose from. We played both courses at Camelback Golf Club. Ambiente was a monster, and whether it was the heat, the target golf, or the quicksand located in front of every green, it ate me alive. Padre was more forgiving for someone who’s weak, girly-arms haven’t swung a club in months.


We have an ongoing debate whether Phoenix or Palm Springs could eventually become our winter home. I’m a sucker for sandals and sunny days. The downside of Phoenix is you spend a lot of time driving around in your air-conditioned car. The upside is…everything else!


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  1. Ken MacLean

    I am so going back to Phoenix if you will have me. And lets bring Lori.

  2. Bonnie

    Sounds terrific!! I love reading your blog! Always puts a smile on my face!

  3. Laurell

    I enjoyed your blog on Scottsdale this week. It makes me stoked for my trip to Arizona for 12 days in March! I’ll be heading to a new area for me, Lake Havasu. Thanks for pumping me up!

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