It’s Not Easy Being Green

Wacky tobaccy lovin’ leprechauns struck gold with Justin Trudeau’s pledge to legalize marijuana. No matter what side of the rainbow you’re on, left-handed cigarettes are coming to a Ganga Gourmet near you.

The times they are a-changin’. Mary Jane isn’t just for hippies anymore. Midnight tokers puff on high tech vapes instead of separating sticks and seeds on album covers.

Pop culture and celebrity endorsements are slowly erasing the stigma. Bankers, lawyers, and suburban soccer moms who look like Barbie and smoke like Marley, are the target audience.

To spark the debate and keep you informed, we’re rolling out the pros and cons of cannabis.










If legalized, it’s likely a slick marketing campaign will be tailored towards women’s influential purchasing power.

Products like cannabis-infused wine, weed engineered to eliminate the munchies, herb based anti-aging beauty products, and creative edibles will butter us up. Life is what you bake of it!

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    Still laughing – last and longest!

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