Made in the 70’s

A decade of questionable style, smokin’ in the boys room, and stayin’ alive. Growing up in the 70’s shaped us into the crazy ass, fun-loving people we are today.


✤ banana seat bikes
✤ doodle art
✤ cat’s cradle
✤ klick-klack balls
✤ chinese skipping
✤ mojos’, pop rocks, candy cigarettes
✤ weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down
✤ Charlie Brown/Popeye pillow cases
✤ Clearasil
✤ Ten-O-Six
✤ lava lamps
✤ pet rocks
✤ streaking
✤ waterbeds
✤ shag carpet
✤ beanbag chairs
✤ rotary phones
✤ Trans Am, Camaro
✤ pong, space invaders, asteroids
✤ instant cameras, flashcubes, flip-flash








✿ gaucho pants and boots
✿ midi, mini and maxi skirts
✿ scooter skirts
✿ halter tops
✿ boob tubes
✿ peasant blouses
✿ lumberjack shirts
✿ iron-on t-shirts
✿ fringed vests
✿ poncho
✿ hot pants
✿ jumpsuits
✿ bell-bottoms
✿ Adidas tracksuits
✿ platform shoes
✿ earth shoes
✿ Dr. Scholl’s sandals hell on heels
✿ basketmasters
✿ clogs
✿ tube socks
✿ chokers
✿ mood rings
✿ puka shells
✿ sew-on patches
✿ macramé belts
✿ peace sign jewelry
✿ caftans
✿ leisure suits
✿ shirt collars you could land a plane on








Celebrity Crush

❤ David Cassidy
❤ Bobby Sherman
❤ Donny Osmond
❤ Michael Jackson
❤ Sean Cassidy
❤ Leif Garrett
❤ Robert Redford
❤ Paul Newman
❤ Farrah Fawcett









✪ Jaws
✪ Rocky
✪ Carrie
✪ Grease
✪ Star Wars
✪ Love Story
✪ The Exorcist
✪ The Godfather
✪ Kramer vs. Kramer
✪ Saturday Night Fever
✪ Smokey and the Bandit
✪ The Rocky Horror Picture Show
✪ One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
✪ Disaster movies: Towering Inferno, Earthquake, Poseidon Adventure








✰ M*A*S*H
✰ Laugh-In
✰ Solid Gold
✰ Happy Days
✰ Mork & Mindy
✰ Fantasy Island
✰ The Love Boat
✰ Charlie’s Angels
✰ All In The Family
✰ Partridge Family
✰ The Price Is Right
✰ Three’s Company
✰ The Bionic Woman
✰ Six Million Dollar Man
✰ Welcome Back Kotter
✰ Little House on the Prairie







K-tel records
turntables/giant tower speakers
dance styles: the hustle, the bump, YMCA
I like rock, I like soul, I like pop, but I never liked disco
Abba, Bee Gees, Eagles, Blondie, Meatloaf, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel, Elton John, Bob Seger








✦ shag
✦ perm
✦ Farrah Fawcett flip
✦ Dorothy Hamill wedge
✦ feathered, which grew into wings
✦ long straight hair parted in the middle
✦ Lemon-Up
✦ Tame Clean Rinse
✦ Body on Tap beer shampoo
✦ Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific








Women in the 70’s

I Am Woman, Hear me roar
✸ women’s rights
✸ Roe vs. Wade
✸ Gloria Steinem
✸ Mary Tyler Moore
✸ Billy Jean King

What the 70’s meant to us

navigating through elementary, junior high, and high school
training bra, Dici bra, braless
striving for independence
heavily influenced by peers
insecure, teenage self-esteem, seeking acceptance
freedom to roam without checking in with our parents
a big world and bright future almost within reach
facing the uncertainty of “what do you want to do with your life?”


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  1. Heather Solberg

    Lori and Val – fabulous memories. My fave were the clackers and chinese skipping as a child. Then on to jeans and straight hair parted in the middle to fit in. Love your photos.

  2. Dawn Marie Parker Pighin

    Love it! OMG wow the memories. I loved Gee your hair smells terrific hahahahaha My sister just brought me an envelope from my dad of report cards and pictures of me when I was younger, they looked just like the ones you just posted. I think my hair was exacally like yours Valerie LMAO

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