Hot Summer Nights

Youth is wasted on the young

Back in the summer of ’69
✮  summertime and the livin’ is easy
✮  outside from morning till night
✮  perma-tan
✮  barefoot
✮  raiding gardens
✮  outdoor pools
✮  staying up late
✮  pedal pushers
✮  drinking from the hose
✮  running through the sprinklers
✮  wearing your pj’s to the drive-in
✮  collecting seashells on the beach
✮  playing kick-the-can, sardines, tag
✮  structure and routine are thrown out the window
✮  the sound of the ice cream truck had you running for blocks
✮  summer holidays were taken in the family car
✮  camping food: pic-a-pop, hot dogs, beans, s’mores
✮  I’m so bored, there’s nothing to do

Late teens, early 20’s…wasted days and wasted nights







Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer
✪  summertime and the livin’ is thrifty
✪  carefree attitude
✪  aviator sunglasses
✪  short shorts
✪  flip flops
✪  DIY painted nails
✪  skinny dipping
✪  summer flings
✪  tanned to a golden brown
✪  salt in the air, sand in my hair
✪  rooftop patios, bars, pubs, restaurants
✪  no shoes, no shirt, no problem
✪  staying up late enough to watch the sunrise
✪  drinks in the pool, and the sudden realization nobody’s gotten out to pee
✪  sunburns so bad the sheets weren’t allowed to touch your body
✪  summer holidays were weekend camping trips in a pup tent
✪  camping food: burgers, beer, and more beer
✪  welcome to our campsite where friends and marshmallows get toasted at the same time

Present day…wasting away again in Margaritaville






Singing sweet home Alabama all summer long
✿  it’s wine o’clock somewhere
✿  red wine turns to white
✿  the delight of diving into a good book
✿  backyard bbqs and drinks on the deck
✿  toonie sized bees on steroids
✿  folk festivals and outdoor concerts
✿  anxiety over an empty PVR
✿  July is the reward for surviving June
✿  sporting a farmer tan, spaghetti straps were eaten years ago
✿  SPF 50, there’s no stronger sunscreen than sitting in a bar
✿  a round of golf is the only acceptable way to drink and drive
✿  I consider the day after summer solstice the first day of fall
✿  nights get longer making it harder to stay up past your kids
✿  it’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine, it’s summertime
✿  holiday happy hour starts at noon east coast time no matter where you are
✿  seasonal allergies stuff you up when the lawn boy cuts the grass
✿  camping food: baked brie, wild salmon, spinach risotto
✿  summer should get a speeding ticket







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