Help Us Obi-Wan Millennials, You’re Our Only Hope

Tonight For Tomorrow event details below 🍷

There’s no question we’re living in crazy times. Years from now we’ll look back, scratch our heads, and ask WTF was that. But we believe this dysfunctional decade is about to be reclaimed by our much maligned millennials.

Millennials, ranging in age from 18-34, are the generation we love to hate on. However this informed, socially conscience, humongous crop of kids are learning to harness their power. Surprisingly enough, they may save us all.

1. The reason millennials can’t afford to move out is because they’re greedily using both kidneys.

2. They quite rightly presume their parents attended university in 1682 for $19.99.

3. We push them to put down their phones and talk like it’s 1993. They smile and ask how our blog, facebook, instagram, twitter, and YouTube channels are going.

4. LGBTQ groups in school are the norm. When millennials hang out with gay friends, they can’t even think straight.

5. First they brunch, then they stand up for justice. From the swiftly organized gun control rally to representing the women’s march, they are the change we wish to see.

6. They’re serious about giving back! Mealshare masterminds Jeremy Bryant, Andrew Hall, Derek Juno, and Breanne Sich are the youngin’s who inspired this post. They’ve turned dining out into helping out, and have shared over 1.8 million meals with youth in need.

Mealshare ~ Tonight for Tomorrow Fundraiser

We’re always looking for fun ways to give back. On May 9th let’s paint the town orange. All you have to do is EAT!

As a Mealshare ambassador, we invite you to join us at Mill Street Brewery for the 3rd annual Tonight For Tomorrow event. For every $1 spent on food, $1 is donated to help grow Mealshare.

When: Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Where: Mill Street Brewery, 219 – 17 Ave SW
Time: 5:00 p.m. onwards

Invite your family, friends, and loved ones! No tickets required. Reserve your table now.

Participating Calgary Restaurants

Blue Star Diner 
Calcutta Cricket Club
Container Bar 
Dairy Lane 
Donna Mac
Fiasco Gelato 
Home & Away 
Millstreet Brewery 
Ten Foot Henry

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