Who The Hell Are The Sangria Sisters?

✿ Grape therapists who prescribe girlfriends as an antidote to modern stress.

✿ Sisters who live for belly laughs, chuckles, snorts, and guffaws.

✿ We strive to remain relatable, relevant, and real (and also adore alliterations).

✿ We trust finding humour in everyday situations is key to living a good life.

✿ We promote female empowerment, and champion other women.

✿ Our mission is to enlighten, inform, and entertain.

✿ Fun-loving professional minglers available for events, parties, and bar mitzvahs. 😉


1. Due to my firstborn status, I can be a bossy bitch.
2. The wrath of Val doesn’t happen often, but poke the bear and it’s grisly.
3. Patience is not a virtue. I get road rage walking behind people in the grocery store.
4. I put high expectations on myself, and expect the same of others. Read: hard to please.

1. Val has the enviable ability to let shit go.
2. I’m exceptionally good at bringing people together.
3. My personality is consistent; what you see is what you get.
4. I’m a positive thinker. The glass maybe half empty, but the bar is always open.

1. Val’s passion is music, but her singing style is a-crapella
2. My motto is take life by the balls. I go nuts over golf, baseball, and tennis.
3. How do you organize a space party? You planet. Val’s a born event planner.
4. I worship at the church of yoga.

1. I get so moved listening to my musical idols perform, that my eyes leak.
2. Freakishly small ankles pack superhuman strength to tote the ‘twins’ around.
3. I’m afraid of storm drains because of Pennywise [clown from Stephen King’s It].
4. I’m allergic to returning phone messages and answering texts.


1. I have a tendency to be self-serving. There should be an i in the word me.
2. My stubborn streak doesn’t do well with authority. I’m sorry I don’t take orders, I barely take suggestions.
3. Mischievous 😈 (I love that word).
4. I’m the worst procrastinator because I’m so laz…

1. I have wicked organization skills. Now I can freak out in some semblance of order.
2. Sarcasm is my superpower (that’s a strength, right?)
3. I’m a therapist to some, patient to a few.
4. Adaptable to any social situation. You can dress me up, and take me out.

1. Fast cars and slow men.
2. Skin care and eyebrows are my jam.
3. Martini’s; both my Australian Labradoodle and smooth dirty vodka, shaken not stirred.
4. I’m joining a twelve-step-program for my shoe addiction. I’ll need a new pair for the meeting.

1. If the room temperature dips below 23 degrees, I shake like a frigid Chihuahua.
2. The first thing I do when I come home is take off my bra and put my pajamas on.
3. My ass is so flat; it looks like the backs of my legs extend up to my waist.
4. I’ll bestow you with my gift of gab. My stories are filled with endless minute details.

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  1. Jodi

    And you are so loved. I love you girls so much ❤

  2. Margot

    Hugs and Kisses you lovely ferocious Grrrrls! I am indeed thankful that you are able to see past our insignificant differences and forgive my many foibles. It is so wonderful to laugh with you as fellow flawed humans flying around the universe on this pale blue speck. So thankful to still call you friends after so many years and so so so much water under the bridge. Stay awesome 🙂

    • Sangria Sisters

      Funny, I don’t consider any of us flawed. Perfectly imperfect maybe! We’re overdue for a long, in-depth conversation over cocktails!

  3. ken

    Lucky to have these gals in our life.

  4. Dawn Pighin

    You two describe yourselves to a “T” lol Miss u and Love u two xoxoxo

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