Gratitude Is An Attitude

Whenever I’m asked what I’m grateful for, I list off perfunctory answers like health, happiness, and a crisp sauvingnon blanc. But in order to live your best life, you’ve got to pay attention to the small shit. The following features overlooked, unappreciated, everyday reasons to be grateful.

1. Elastic waistbands.

2. Cheese. You never forget your first love.

3. All the Norma Rae’s and strong women who came before us, paving the way for a smoother (Sally) ride.

4. Recognizing that when bad shit happens, it’s often for the greater good.

5. Grateful for books you can get lost in. It beats the hell out of reality.

Accentuate the positives – Medicate the negatives

6. No camera phones to capture our misspent youth.

7. Friends we learned to drink with all those years ago, still tipping a pint with us now.

8. Curse words that make me sound like a fuckity-fuck-fuck lady rather than a goddamn dick.

9. Growing up in an era where nobody gave a rat’s ass about being politically correct.

10. A designated driver husband who drives me home…and then drives me home.

The luxury of having older kids is you get to pee alone

11. Unhinging the bra that binds me.

12. Never having to step out of my car in hobo attire on the kids early morning commute to school.

13. Thankful my vagina wasn’t blown to smithereens while birthing an 11 lb. – 10 oz. baby.

14. Crawling into freshly washed sheets. Teenage boys who missed laundry days found themselves in sticky situations.

15. The sound of the garage door opening when the kids arrive home safely. They complain there’s nothing to do, and then stay out all night doing it.

My blood type is B Positive

16. Shows like the Biggest Loser for allowing me to feel like I was working out, when I was actually sitting on my ass with a cheese platter.

17. Hair products that hide my wisdom highlights. Ponytail holders, I love you the most.

18. The evolution of baggy sweatpants to stylish yoga pants. More commonly known as our uniform.

19. Toenail polish that makes all feet look pretty from a distance.

20. Finding a primo parking spot.

We’re especially grateful for our subscribers. We bask in the glow of your kind words and feedback. The next time someone asks what I’m grateful for, I’ll reply “how much time do you have!”

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  1. Ken Maclean

    Grateful for you. Wonderful sentiment.

  2. Andrea

    I should’ve been commenting months ago! I read this every week, I share it with my friends and co-workers, sometimes even strangers who peer at me out of the corner of their eye while I laugh out loud at the images you have on your blog. I’m telling you, Sangria Sisters is my most favorite highlight of every week – no shit.

    I’m grateful for you two. I think it was Lori that said, “you were the sister we NEVER wanted!” Well, too bad, here I am and when I show people your blog posts I mention that, that you two were the two older sisters I never really had, but sort of had! It was nice, and still is nice to know that you’re there. That I am grateful for.

    Oh, and the surgeon that repaired my vagina after it was blown to smithereens delivering a monster baby with a monster head. You got off easy.

    • Sangria Sisters

      I think I said you were the sister we never wanted, “but are so glad that we have”. That sounds about right. We love you and are always here for you.

  3. Lindsay

    Thanks for the recommend Andrea! I also look forward to Thursday’s blog!

  4. Jodi

    This is beautlful. I am so grateful for you two amazing chicks. I love
    You two so so much.

  5. Sandra

    You ladies are fun and there is always a great laugh on your blog, honest emotions/topics and something we can all relate to. Keep up the great job ladies! Cheers!

  6. julie

    Adding my voice to the chorus…grateful for the giggle and/or tear you always evoke from me mug on Thursday morn. Keep it up gals…”it’s brilliant. .juls xo

  7. Bonnie

    Love you two! ❤️ Grateful for a lifelong friendship!

  8. Christy Farrell

    I love you both!!! I really like this one babes 😉

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