Gettin’ jiggy in the 90’s

In contrast to previous decades, the 90’s lacked the color and flair of its flamboyant predecessors. What can you expect from an era known as the grunge decade…


✤ Generation X
✤ boob jobs
✤ Viagra
✤ digital cameras
✤ flip phones, cordless phones
✤ pagers, email, you’ve got mail
✤ boom and bust of dot.com bubble
✤ Buns of Steel, Tae-Bo, step aerobics
✤ insatiable thirst for celebrity gossip
✤ OJ Simpson/unprecedented media coverage
✤ Beanie Babies, Furbies, Troll dolls, Tamagotchi
✤ 90’s lingo: Wassup, Whatever, As If, Word, Biotch
✤ PlayStation 1, Game Boy, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis
✤ smoking banned on airplanes
looks like I picked the wrong week to quit smoking
✤ dial-up modems, World Wide Web, Internet
get off the Internet, I need to use the phone
✤ coffee house popularity explodes
Starbucks or Victoria’s Secret…who charges more per cup?
✤ Y2K fears unfounded so tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999






✿ tattoos
✿ body piercing
✿ pierced belly buttons
✿ grunge/heroin chic
✿ thrift store shopping
✿ Banana Republic/Gap
✿ khaki/black/white combo
✿ cargo pants
✿ ripped jeans/low slung jeans
✿ overalls with one strap undone
✿ pants worn backwards
✿ crop tops
✿ flannel shirts
✿ bike shorts
✿ plaid schoolgirl skirts
✿ floral baby doll dresses
✿ Skechers
✿ Doc Martens
✿ Birkenstocks
✿ slap bracelets
✿ studded chokers
✿ wallet chains
✿ backward ball caps
✿ metrosexual men









Celebrity Crush

♥ Brad Pitt
♥ Hugh Grant
♥ John Stamos
♥ Richard Gere
♥ Johnny Depp
♥ Kevin Costner
♥ George Clooney
♥ Rob Lowe still
♥ Antonio Banderas
♥ Denzel Washington
♥ Matthew McConaughey
♥ Julia Roberts
♥ Michelle Pfeiffer









✪ Ghost
✪ Titanic
✪ Toy Story
✪ The Matrix
✪ Pulp Fiction
✪ Jurassic Park
✪ Forest Gump
✪ Austin Powers
✪ The Lion King
✪ Jerry Maguire
✪ Pretty Woman
✪ The Full Monty
✪ The Sixth Sense
✪ Schindler’s List
✪ The Crying Game
✪ Thelma and Louise
✪ Legends of the Fall
✪ Good Will Hunting
✪ Dead Man Walking
✪ Mission Impossible
✪ Silence of the Lambs
✪ Saving Private Ryan
✪ Shawshank Redemption







✰ ER
✰ Friends
✰ Seinfeld
✰ Frasier
✰ Baywatch
✰ Full House
✰ Ally McBeal
✰ The Simpsons
✰ Will and Grace
✰ Melrose Place
✰ Sex and the City
✰ The West Wing
✰ Mad About You
✰ Murphy Brown
✰ The Wonder Years
✰ Beverly Hills 90210
✰ Home Improvement
✰ Fresh Prince of Bel Air
✰ Dinosaurs not the mama







Discman, CD’s
grunge, raves, hip-hop, rap, Ice Ice Baby
divas:  Whitney, Mariah, Celine
boy bands: NSync, Backstreet Boys, 98°
country music: Garth Brooks, Shania Twain, Billy Ray Cyrus
dance moves: vogueing, macarena, mosh pits, slam dancing, line dancing
artists:  Britney Spears, Nirvana, No Doubt, Green Day, Alanis Morissette, Spice Girls, Matchbox 20, Destiny’s Child, Pearl Jam








✦ The Rachel
✦ spiky hair
✦ bandana headbands
✦ unnatural red-coloured hair
✦ cornrow twists with butterfly clips
✦ Brazilian bikini wax goes mainstream
✦ goatees
✦ frosted tips
✦ long thick sideburns 90210’s Dylan McKay/Brandon Walsh







Women in the 90’s

✸ Hillary Clinton
✸ Anita Hill
✸ Princess Diana’s untimely death
✸ Lorena Bobbitt for “chopping”
✸ Monica Lewinsky for “sucking”
✸ Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding for “clubbing”
✸ record number of women become top CEO’s
✸ in 1990 women narrow the gap earning 28% less than men (40% in 1980)

What the 90’s meant to us

✣ settling down, getting married
I promise to eat a sandwich before I yell at you
✣ making adorable babies in our 30’s
who are these kids and why are they calling me Mom?
✣ establishing new friendships through our children
✣ juggling work and motherhood
mourning the loss of JFK Jr.


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  1. Bonnie Faucher

    It's crazy how many things are back from the 90's. Thanks for the memories girls!

  2. Sangria Sisters Blog

    So funny going through old photo albums. We've sure had some fun! I've got the incriminating pictures to prove it…

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