Crazy Eighties

The 80’s were an over-the-top era of excess. However for those of us just coming of age, it stands out as the most unique and totally rad decade of them all.


✤ yuppies
✤ fanny packs
✤ camcorders
✤ tanning beds
✤ supermodels
✤ Chippendales
✤ skateboarding
✤ live aid, farm aid
✤ VCR beta or VHS
✤ touch tone phones
✤ Rock Hudson/ AIDS
✤ aerobics/jazzercise
✤ Jane Fonda make it burn
✤ Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary
✤ Gary Larson’s The Far Side
✤ Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Tetris, Frogger
✤ Rubik’s Cube, Care Bears, Cabbage Patch Kids
✤ cocaine, this is your brain on drugs
✤ shooters: China whites, B-52’s, blowjobs
✤ MS-DOS, floppy disks, personal computers with 64 KB memory
✤ valley girl lingo: like totally, grody to the max, gag me with a spoon








✿ neon
✿ leg warmers
✿ sweatbands
✿ leotards/tights
✿ velour tracksuits
✿ acid wash denim
✿ stirrup pants
✿ parachute pants
✿ high waisted jeans
✿ leather/pleather pants
✿ overalls
✿ shoulder pads
✿ Polo and Lacoste shirts
✿ preppy, turned up collars
✿ oversized sweaters/leggings
✿ off-the-shoulder sweatshirts
✿ lace with an edge
✿ crucifix necklaces
✿ brooches
✿ giant earrings
✿ swatch watch
✿ jelly bracelets
✿ Ray-bans
✿ studded belts
✿ slouch socks
✿ neon K-Way jackets
✿ jelly shoes
✿ peter pan boots
✿ high tops: Nike air, Reebok pump, LA gear
✿ Miami Vice suits sans socks
✿ skinny ties







Celebrity Crush

♥ Rob Lowe
♥ Jon Bon Jovi
♥ Matt Dillon
♥ Tom Cruise
♥ The Brat Pack
♥ John F. Kennedy Jr.
♥ Brooke Shields
♥ Heather Locklear
♥ Cindy Crawford







✪ ET
✪ Big
✪ Top Gun
✪ Scarface
✪ Footloose
✪ Wall Street
✪ Flashdance
✪ Ghostbusters
✪ Princess Bride
✪ St. Elmo’s Fire
✪ Dirty Dancing
✪ Working Girl
✪ Risky Business
✪ Pretty in Pink
✪ Fatal Attraction
✪ Back to the Future
✪ The Breakfast Club
✪ Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
✪ Terms of Endearment
✪ Raiders of the Lost Ark
✪ An Officer and a Gentlemen









✰ Taxi
✰ Oprah
✰ Dallas
✰ Cheers
✰ L.A. Law
✰ Dynasty
✰ Roseanne
✰ Family Ties
✰ Night Court
✰ Miami Vice
✰ Magnum P.I.
✰ Moonlighting
✰ Knot’s Landing
✰ Hill Street Blues
✰ The Cosby Show
✰ Thirty Something







cassette tapes
Hammer time
Sony walkman
ghetto blaster/boom box
hair bands/glam rockers/hip-hop
Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benatar, INXS, George Michael, Michael Jackson
R.E.M., Guns N’ Roses, Talking Heads, The Cars, Queen, Billy Idol, Loverboy
dance styles: moonwalk, running man, the sprinkler, the robot, the worm, breakdancing








✦ Sun-In
✦ mullet
✦ scrunchie
✦ banana clip
✦ hair mousse
✦ spiral perms
✦ crimping iron
✦ asymmetrical haircuts, Flock of Seagulls
✦ extra hold hairspray, spray it till it don’t move
✦ backcombing, the higher the hair the closer to God
✦ Faberge Organics Shampoo If you tell two friends…and so on, and so on…








Women in the 80’s

✸ Madonna
✸ Princess Diana
✸ Oprah Winfrey
✸ Margaret Thatcher
✸ Sally Ride
✸ Sandra Day O’Connor
✸ more women moving from housewife to working mom
✸ “glass ceiling” catchphrase is coined
✸ in 1980 women earned 40% less than men

What the 80’s meant to us

Sisters are doin’ it for themselves
✣ full time jobs, carving out independence
✣ friends begin to get married and start their own families
✣ responsibility of being a new homeowner
✣ single, late bloomers, footloose and fancy free
✣ annual vacations to tropical destinations
✣ Electric Avenue, where everybody knows your name

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