Craven Country Music Jamboree

For a quarter of a century, Craven, Saskatchewan has been home to the “World’s Greatest Country Music Festival.” My daughter Abby is a big fan of the up-and-comers and the hottest acts in country music, so I decided Craven would be an awesome graduation gift for her…alongside four of MY closest friends.

Almost 25,000 people per day come together for the four day outdoor concert, so it was time to get our Craven on!

Day 1:

We’re off like a herd of turtles! Packed to the nuts in a borrowed truck and tent trailer.

Upon arrival, two of the girls hitchhiked to the campsite from our extra car parked outside the gates. Their ride of choice was a windowless rape van with no seatbelts. Have no fear, ‘cause Craven is like Woodstock. A communal cocoon where strangers become friends over the word Cheers.

It’s fucking hard to set up a tent trailer and the endless ‘luxuries’ required for 6 women to be comfortable for 3 days.

Joanne’s ingenuity and construction of a latrine was rated as the #1 addition to our weekend. Behold…the Princess Potty!

The torrential downpour for days leading up to the event left the Grandstand area and some of the campsites a mud mosh pit. We came prepared.

Luckily, we were blessed with great weather all weekend. We were fortunate to have found Jesus, to extend our eternal gratitude untoward Him.

Zac Brown Band was “Loving You Easy.”

Every evening after the bands are done, it was a short walk across Main Street to the Beer Gardens where the nightcap debauchery takes place.

Day 2:

We filled our afternoons kicking back and playing ladder ball while some of the girls went in to Regina to shower. Pussies!

Chase Bryant could use a “Little Bit Of You.”

We quickly figured the only way to enjoy the headliner crowds that stampede and jostle their way through you, was to pre-drink before we went out drinking.

Alabama giving us some “Dixieland Delight.”

You meet the nicest people in the Beer Gardens.

Day 3:

Still haven’t showered. There’s no shavin’ in Craven.

Steven Lee Olsen was “Raised By A Good Time.”

Eric Church is having a “Record Year.”

The Beer Garden bathrooms smelled like dead bodies. This was confirmed by the female embalmer we met in the lavatory lineup.

Always go in pairs when sectioning off from the main group.

Day 4:

I know I’ve said it before but, packing a truck and tent trailer in 30-degree heat and wicked humidity is fucking hard! At least we were more efficient this time.

Have patience and a sense of humour leaving the grounds as trailers are lined up forever.

Looking forward to finally having a shower…PTA wipes can only take you so far.

A big shout out to Rhonda Navin and her son Kyle for their awesome square set-up, experience, and generosity that made these Craven virgins feel loved.

This trip is made extra special by the people who share it with you.

Thanks Craven, until next year…

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  1. Ken

    Epic trip. Better than being there! Great narrative.

  2. Lisa

    That looked awesome!! Good thing a couple of you girls had practice on “Lionel” a few years earlier
    “Princess Potty” was sheer brilliance!

  3. Joanne Cave

    That was a fun trip. Soooo tired on the way home. Still tired actually. Finally got the dirt out fromunda my nails. No one really wanted to use the Princess Potty at first but after experiencing the dead body storage bins at the beer gardens….it quickly rose to the ranks of “luxury”. Especially first thing in the morning! Great time all around!!

  4. Bonnie

    Great summary of an awesome few days! Had a great time with you girls!

    • Bonnie

      PS. Ken, it’s really not better than being there but gives you a good idea of the adventure! Next year we’re going to work on getting Val there!

  5. Rhonda Navin

    Thank you girls so much for coming! It was loads of fun having you there and I sincerely hope you’ll return with us next year! Already working on the tickets and camping spot.

    Have a great year see you in July 2017!

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