Checking Off The Bucket List

Throughout his last few years, Dad actively pursued his bucket list. From St. Andrews to the Masters, no dream was too tall. Mom happily joined his adventures, but never spoke of her own desires.

A year ago we asked how to fill her bucket, and her reply was a trip to the Maritimes. At first we tried to dissuade her. A flight to Nova Scotia was as pricey as a tropical destination, and definitely not on our radar. Why not consider the West Coast? Seniors love Victoria.

When Brennan was accepted to St. FX, the choice was clear. We’d like to think Dad had a hand in that. This week the Sisters become travel bloggers. East Coast-Chella, here we come!


Who the hell knew the Annapolis Valley and Bay of Fundy were home to a number of thriving wineries? We were as happy as clams at high tide.


Luckett Vineyards ~ est. 2010

Pete Luckett is the charming English owner of the estate. He’s a good-humoured flirt, who pays particular attention to mature ladies. When he joked that he could be our new PaPa, we jumped at the chance to pimp out our newly widowed mother.


In the hopes that one day…all this could be ours.


Apart from the stunning view, the most unique aspect of the vineyard was the old London phone booth in the middle of the field. Visitors are encouraged to make a free phone call anywhere in North America. We’re happy to report, the wine was worth phoning home about.


Carwarden Bed & Breakfast

Built in 1910, this beautiful home maintained the authentic design and decor of its heritage. Whether it’s sittin’ a spell on the front porch, watching the sunset, or sipping wine in the parlour, be prepared for a trip back in time.


Our host, Mary, ran the house with the efficiency of a former schoolteacher. Her keen sense of humour and three course breakfasts will bring us back.


Bert & Ernie slept here.

We never met a wall mural we couldn’t resist. Our chameleon-like instincts made it easy to blend into our surroundings.




Lunenburg was our favourite spot. Quaint, colourful houses lined streets so steep they should come with a mountain goat. The harbour is home to the Bluenose schooner, famous for sailing on the backside of our dime. From lobster poutine to shellfish stuffed haddock, if it dipped a claw in the ocean we ate it.


Fisherman’s Memorial

Eight granite columns form a compass as tribute to the 600 fishermen who lost their lives at sea. One column held the names of five family members who were lost together. These days, no more than two immediate family members are allowed on the same ship.


Boscawen Inn

In 1888, this Queen Anne style mansion was built for Edna as a wedding present, before her jackass husband gambled it away. Some say she’s still living there today. Maybe that’s who opened our bathroom door in the dead of the night.


A cozy room for three.


Peggy’s Cove


Peggy’s Cove (pop. 60) is a famous landmark in Canada. It was the last stop on this bucket list tour, and a highlight for Mom. All the Sisters saw were rocks and a lighthouse.


When Swissair Flight 111 crashed just off the shore killing all 229 people aboard, the first responders were people living in these tiny fishing villages. The bravery and horror of the recovery put this area on the international map.


We loved Nova Scotia, but the prairies hold our heart. It was an absolute blast travelling with Mom as the three Pilgrim girls. We’ve never had a bucket list, but our fuck-it list is a mile long.

What do you do when your return flight is delayed and you’ve had a few 9 ouncers?

Sangria Wine Reel


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  1. Margot

    The East Coast is a fave place of mine as well – way to go Sheila (and of course you two). Lovely!

  2. Joanne Cave

    Val: I hope you came home with a yellow rain slicker!

  3. Ken MacLean

    Seems to me that the Nova Scotia tourist board needs to get there hands on this piece.

  4. Dawn

    Awe how special, the three of u traveling together. Sheila I hope u had a fabulous time and girls I hope u brought those yellow rain hats home with u, I could use those out here in BC lol luv u’s xoxoxoxo

  5. Keith

    I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing the east coast of my own country!! Shame on me, its on my list now too!! Thanks for sharing.

    • Sangria Sisters

      I know Keith. I never had any interest in touring my own country. I’m inclined to go tropical! However, I highly recommend a world traveler such as yourself to visit the East Coast.

  6. DAnny

    Your Mom looks fantastic! The apple never falls far from the tree. Where are my Stan Rogers records?

  7. Shellie

    Oh you Pilgrim gals!!! How you manage to make EVERYWHERE fun and interesting. Seriously wish I could make it to your girls weekend. It would be the best Ab workout around just from the laughter.

  8. Verna

    This made me miss home. Excellent read!

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