Are You A Narcissist?

You’re so vain, you probably think this blog is about you.

It’s ironic the word narcissist carries such a bad rap, when there’s a bit of ego in all of us. It’s easy to spot self-obsessed celebrities, pompous politicians, and mouthpiece lawyers, but even our millennial offspring get boners just by looking in the mirror. In their eyes, it’s not narcissism if you truly are better than everyone else.

The narcissist test:
Step 1: Take a moment to think about yourself.
Step 2: If you made it past step 1, you’re not a narcissist.

As self-admitted attention whores, we’re guilty of blowing our own horns. But as indulgent as it sounds, narcissism and success go hand in hand. If you can look beyond the grandiose nature, cocksure confidence has it’s advantages. As a result, CEO’s, surgeons, academia scholars, and law enforcement surge to the top of the asshole food chain.


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I Can’t Help MyselfI Live For The Applause
It’s all about me.Awesome ends in ME. Coincidence? I think not.
I despise criticism.To save time, let's just assume I'm never wrong.
I’m a one-sided listener.Every story has two sides, but only mine matters.
Rules don’t apply to me.If they say it’s impossible, remember, that’s for them...not for me.
Appearance is very important.I put the hot in psychotic
I drive the bus so I’m never under it.If everything is exactly the way I want, then I'm totally flexible.
I pop my top, ‘cause morons drive me to drink.I’d feel worse about being ego-tastic if I weren’t so damn perfect.
I’m a bad sportI don't have to explain myself to idiots. I'm not the fuckwad whisperer.
I can’t wait to hear myself speak.I'm sorry, did I roll my eyes out loud.

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