Here’s to the Pause

For Goodness Sex

At this age, if her briefs match her bra, aggressive cuddling wasn’t his idea. Valentine's used to be a laydown. An open-and-shut case of thumping thighs, cottontail style. Before her…

Partners In Grime

By virtue of our vag, women are born into a life of servitude. Clean the latrine Cinderella. Febreze till you wheeze Cinderella. Dear Martha: you’re not doin' time anymore, so…

I Wish I Was As Thin As My Patience

PATIENCE noun / pa·tience / (pey-shuh ns) / Sangria synonyms: / 1. Patience: What happens when there are too many witnesses. 2. Mercy: The most important ingredient for marriage and children. (see also: Tranquilizers)…
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