Skin Cancer Is A Sun Of A Beach

Six months before I got married, I revved it into high gear. Step aerobics for a bangin body, and facials for flawless skin. Vanity led me to the dermatologist over a simple pimple. It had taken up residence for so long I should’ve been charging it rent. I was flabbergasted to learn it was basal cell skin cancer.

Surgery required a 14-stitch incision down the crease of my face. I was only 32, and months away from tying the knot. The C word became more shameful than the scar. It faded quickly, but taught me to keep a vigilant watch for spots on my body. Nowadays my official sunblock is day-drinking inside the pool bar.

We’ve reached the age where regular 5 point inspections are vital to keep the engine purring at peak performance. We’re talking more than a lube and oil change ladies! For a generation that baked in baby oil at high noon, mole checks are a must. I could have saved myself some pain had I been more proactive.

In the following video, we interview Lori’s boss, friend, and dermatologist extraordinaire Dr. Ken Alanen of Dr. Alanen clarifies what you need to know about sun damage and skin cancer.

● What are the visual aging effects the sun has on skin
● Who’s at risk
● What to look for
● Treatments
● Can sun damage be repaired or reversed

With skin cancer on the rise in young adults, being aware and informed could help save your life or that of a loved one.

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  1. Lesley

    Hello Ladies,

    Loved the video blog, learned a lot and busted a number of myths I have heard/believed, especially the one that there is nothing you can do about the sun baking, which quickly turned to scorching, I attempted in my youth….. I will definitely start buying the zinc block over the 60+…

    Keep up the great blog, it has become a part of my Thursday routine to see what you two wild and crazy gals are up to!!! Take Care

    • Sangria Sisters

      It’s comforting to know there’s still hope for us! I remember how mature I felt when I moved to SPF “2” on a tropical holiday. We simply didn’t know!

      Thanks for the kind words Lesley!

  2. Carolyn Peters

    That was fantastic! With a mom having skin cancer and myself having spots removed as well this was so informative! Hopefully the younger generation can benefit from our knowledge.

  3. Margot

    Excellent post – great info. Thanks so much (Pil – I had no idea 🙁 )

  4. Bonnie

    Thanks ladies! Very informative

  5. Laurell

    Thank you girls. Very informative and down to earth interview with Dr. Alanen. My God, 17 years of university!!

    As a pharmacist, I know a lot of this information, but I liked the message of there being hope for all of us and left a postive message for us sun babies.

    Thank you for sharing with everyone.

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