The Sisters #MeToo Manual For Men

In my early 20’s my back went out during the five-hour-drive to visit my parents. Laid up and in pain, Mom booked me a chiropractic appointment for the following day.

The doctor had me remove my clothing and change into a medical gown open in the back. He used full-body contact and an upper hand to make adjustments. Several times he stepped back to stare, then approached by sliding his groin up and down my limbs .

In the days (and years) that followed, I had a major ‘ick’ feeling. At the time, I was embarrassed to be caught in granny period panties and a sloppy beige bra. The fact is, I was touched inappropriately and never said a word.

In every corner of the stratosphere, dudes are waiting uncomfortably, praying their names aren’t called out for trespassing against us.

They gnash their terrible teeth and cry “What do you mean by boundaries,” or “What’s the statute of limitations?” This new code of conduct reminds me of the wild west. We have to wade through scalp tonic and snake oil to decipher it all.

In man speak, the #MeToo movement is one doozy of a stock market correction.

We’re here to help, not neuter. Your balls are fine right where they are. Whether you identify as caveman or gentleman, you have to assume some accountability. Most men have been knuckle-dragging for way too long.

To be clear, we’re not vying for world dominance, just shooting for an even playing field. We can’t speak for all women, but the Sisters survey says:


✤ So, how did you guys meet? Well, he yelled sexual obscenities from his car, and we took it from there. Said no one ever.

✤ How do you explain consent to a buck? By having a gay guy touch his tushy without the green light.

✤ Don’t master bait and tackle your rod and expect us to watch.

✤ Sexual harassment will not only be reported, it will be graded by a platoon of women.

✤ Don’t play pocket games. Pool, pinball, and pole vaulting are all offside.

✤ We love inappropriate humour, but know your audience. Don’t talk smack to strangers.

✤ Stop mansplaining. It’s not overly offensive, just utterly annoying.

✤ After you hugged her and things got iffy, all because you sprung a stiffy.

✤ Gaping at cleavage is like looking at the sun. Don’t stare, it’s too risky.

✤ 1) You don’t need the pano setting, 2) Don’t send unsolicited dick pics.

✤ If you can’t tell the difference between flirting and sexual harassment, stop flirting.


✤ Rewrite the guy code to shut down jock talk.

✤ Men of quality aren’t threatened by women’s equality.

✤ You can’t erase the past, but you can clean up the future.

✤ Be a role model for your sons.

✤ Let your actions reflect how you’d like your daughter, wife, sister, mother (the real sisters in your life) treated.

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  1. Margot

    You go Grrrrrrls <3

  2. Eleanor Leveille

    what a great article… every man…and woman should read this !!!

  3. Prairie Girl

    When I was 14, my 4-h leader whom was my dad’s best friend and neighbor and 35 or 36 at the time took me to a horse show. And molested me. I know all about grooming and getting the parents to trust u. It was awful and I still deal with guilt and shame. Cause I always wanted to know why he picked me. I didn’t do anything to provoke it. I didn’t tell mom and dad till I was 40. And when I did dad got up and left and has never talked of it since and mom, bless her heart, asked if I was scarred for life. Omg. Yes. Thanks for listening. I am fine. Oprah turned my life around. . Along with horses and animals In general. Thanks again. Just had to get that off my back.

    • Sangria Sisters

      I think you got your power back the moment you shared your story. That’s one helluva a secret to carry alone. The fact that victims carry such shame and guilt is everything that’s wrong in this world. Thank you for opening up this deeply personal wound. You are the bravest person I know!! ❤

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