Scott McGillivray’s Cancer Journey Update

Having completed 10 weeks of treatment in Scottsdale, AZ, Scott and I returned home to Calgary on October 31st. We were extremely blessed to have the help of Mark and Sandy Yozipovic who housed, fed and supported us through the entire process. Their insider knowledge was gained over the past 17 years as Sandy was the very first patient to receive treatment at Envita Medical Center.

Scott’s main treatment at Envita centered on detoxification of the body, reduction of inflammation and the build-up and support of his immune system. He received targeted micro-doses of Chemotherapy drugs and natural agents selected specifically for him based on his DNA. This was designed to shrink the tumours on his lungs. The primary cancer on his tonsil and lymph nodes of the neck had been previously eradicated by Radiation done in June.

Our first week back in Calgary, Scott had a CT scan and follow-up appt with his oncologist. The results of that scan showed that three out of the six tumours were no longer visible. The other three tumours have remained similar in size compared to his last CT scan from August. Scott continues to detoxify and support his immune system through diet and natural treatments. He’ll have another scan done in February and every third month thereafter.

The last couple of weeks in Scottsdale were the hardest for Scott simply because he was homesick He missed Abby, our dog Martini and his own bed. Since returning he has been busy putting his new-found energy to good use. He is no longer on any pain medication, has a healthy appetite and has his independence back by being able to drive again.

We are so very thankful for the continuing support and care we receive from all of you! We would not be able to fight so hard for Scott’s life without you!! I would also encourage anyone with a cancer diagnosis to consult with the wonderful people at Envita to discover how they may be able to help you.

On a closing note, Scott and I were gifted Tree Of Life Intention Sticks before our Arizona trip and haven’t taken them off since. These necklaces come with 22 different words for you to insert into the pendant and wear close to your heart with your intention in mind. You can change the words as often as you like. By purchasing this pendant you will be helping charities around the world. In addition, trees will be planted where needed by the Tree of Life Movement (TLM). They would make an excellent Christmas gift!😊

With love and gratitude,
Lori and Scott

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  1. Jodi

    Beautiful , inspiring and full of love and gratitude. So proud of your family and your strength. Peace dear mcgillvarys. And so happy that scott has a new floor cleaner!!!

  2. Bonnie

    So happy to hear Scott is doing well! Thanks for the update. Love to you all! ❤️

  3. Rachel k

    So wonderful to hear! Take care of yourselves!

  4. Michelle Milenkovic

    Thank you so very much for sharing this journey. I wish you both fortitude and joy and extra extra love in all it’ s manifestations. Take good care!!

  5. Danny Miller

    Such great news Lori, Scott and Abby!

  6. Tammi

    ❤️❤️❤️ So happy for you all … always in our thoughts!

  7. Nancy and Mike

    Such great news
    Wow good for you all to be back home

  8. Catherine

    So happy to hear the wonderful news! The strength you all have shown has been an inspiration to us all. Take care!

  9. Colin Potter

    Hi Lori and Scott that blog was really great I hope all is well keep the faith

  10. Jackie Latosky

    Best news ever! Love to all the McGillarys!

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