Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth (Feat. the Sangria Sisters)

I don’t think we’ve ever needed a song embodying Peace On Earth more than now. In our latest lip sync battle, Lori and Bing Crosby are all ears as they dream of a wine Christmas, while Val and David Bowie are living proof that a little naughty never hurts. The Sangria Sisters present a 2016 remake of the Christmas classic, Little Drummer Boy/Peace On Earth.

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  1. Ken

    This is the perfect way to emdody Christmas Spirit. Good work sisters. Loved it.


    Ps wonderful set design costumes and director and camera work.

  2. Jim Gibson

    OMG. This!!

    The perfect tribute to the one and only. You gals are the best!! Merry Christmas and f-ck off 2016.



  3. Heidi

    Thank you Ladies, this is one of my favorite songs,. Cheers, and Merry Christmas!
    I’m with Jim F-ck off 2016.

  4. Bonnie

    Great job Sisters! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  5. Jodi

    If it weren’t for you girls making me laugh, I would have cried through the song. It’s so beautlful.

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