Kiss and Makeup

Cosmetics are a woman’s way of keeping
people from reading between the lines…


Her: I’ve had a love affair with makeup for as long as I can remember. By the age of seven I knew I was either going to be a clown, a makeup artist or a painted up whore.

Me: I didn’t have nearly as much interest in makeup and stuck to a simple routine. My bag contained Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers and Love’s Baby Soft perfume.

Her: At 14, Mom finally let me split one eyebrow into two. I tweezed them into the shape of the Ronald McDonald arches. The probability of Clown College loomed. It was clear my aesthetic desire did not match my ability

Me: In high school I embraced hippie couture. I wore peasant blouses, bell-bottom jeans, and Chapstick. Hygiene was highly overrated, and last night’s eyeliner became the next morning’s smoky eye.

Her: After graduating, it became clear that painted up whore was not a viable option, so I became a makeup artist. The 80’s were a vibrant time for colour on your cheeks, lips and eyes. I never left the house without full makeup, not even for a midnight run to 7-Eleven.

Me: My sister reintroduced me to the magic of makeup. We would tart it up with generous layers of sky blue eye shadow, dusty rose blush, and frosted pink lipstick. We were young, single, and rocking the casbah.

Her: As I get older, I’m discovering that less is more. That said, you will rarely see my face completely naked. I don’t want my look to be as revealing as when KISS stopped wearing their makeup in public.

Me: Nowadays I brush my hair going down the driveway, apply mascara at red lights, and lipstick while parallel parking.  It takes a lot of makeup to look this natural…









The bad news is as you get older eyes get crepey, shadow and concealer sit in lines, eyebrows get thinner and whiter, skin shows redness and brown spots, under eye circles get darker, vertical lines appear in lips, lashes are scarce, and gravity makes everything start to droop. The good news is you can hide those little imperfections with smoke and mirrors.

Tips for makeup application

I judge how well my day has gone by how much makeup I have left on at the end of the day.
✤  use a lightweight concealer under the eyes to hide dark circles and brighten eyes
✤  use a different concealer formulated  to cover redness and breakouts for the rest of your face
✤  choose concealers that are 1-2 shades lighter than your natural skin tone
✤  be careful not to apply too thick
✤  blend well with your ring finger, brush, or sponge.
Recommended product: under eye concealer Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat


It’s hard to match your face to your décolletage. Now we fake it cuz we baked it.
✮  try three different colours, pick the one that looks invisible
✮  match the colour to your  face and neck
✮  don’t use your fingers to apply, use a brush or sponge
✮  use liquid foundation for dry skin and pressed or loose powder for oily skin
Recommended product: Jane Iredale Pressed Powder


Too old for an eyebrow piercing, too young for an eyebrow lift.
✪  fill in your eyebrows with a pencil that’s one shade lighter than your natural brow colour
✪  if your brows are sparse or light, have them colour tinted by a professional
✪  brush them into place, use gel if they’re Andy Rooney unruly
✪  don’t over tweeze or pull out gray hairs, as you get older they stop growing back
Recommended product: Sephora Retractable Eyebrow Pencil Waterproof


Hey buddy, my eyes are up here…
✹  use  an eyeshadow primer to prevent oily eyelids and keep eyeshadow from creasing
✹  don’t use frosted or super-shiny shadows past the age of 40
✹  switch eyeliner colours from harsh black to brown, plum or charcoal
Recommended product:  Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion


Never be as flaky as your old mascara.
✿  try an eyelash curler
✿  apply mascara from root to tip in a light zig zag motion
✿  comb through to remove clumps and separate lashes
✿  don’t pump the mascara wand in and out of the tube, it dries out faster
✿  for lashes that are short or sparse try Latisse eyelash treatment
✿  don’t wear eyeshadow or liner without mascara but you can do it the other way around
✿  throw your old mascara away after 3-4 months, it harbors bacteria
Recommended Product: Latisse


Makeup is self-confidence applied directly to the face.
✽  use blush in the winter and a bronzer with peach or pink tone in the summer
✽  apply to apples of cheeks and sweep along cheek bone
✽  use a colour that flatters your natural skin tone
✽  don’t apply too much, you can always add more
Recommended Product: Nars Blush in Orgasm


Kiss and make up, but too much makeup has ruined many a kiss.
✦  if using lip liner, make sure the colour matches your lipstick
✦  for longer lasting lipstick: apply, blot, dust with translucent powder and apply again
✦  your best lipstick colour is 1-2 shades darker than your natural lip.
✦  add volume to thin lips without injections by using a lip plumper
Recommended product: Two Faced Lip Injection


Sephora employs makeup artists to help you with colour and application. Avoid purchasing makeup that you can’t try before you buy or that’s non-returnable. Blend all products and use the right tool for the right job. Change your makeup with every decade. Where are you the most beautiful?  On the inside. Three words so bright no concealer can cover them…

Recommended tune you should have on you iPod:
Zkye ✤ Yesterday’s Make-up
No Doubt ✦ Magic’s In The Makeup
Shania Twain ✿ She’s Not Just A Pretty Face

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