The Best and Worst Things About Fall

Best: It’s finally sweater on… then off… then on again season.
Worst: Staying cozy as your youth goes down in flames.
Sisters: Is it fall yet? We’re tired of shaving our legs.

Best: Netflix can chill. My PVR is jam packed with the new fall lineup.
Worst: Violence on TV isn’t a problem. I’ll break anyone’s arm who says otherwise.
Sisters: Fall is a great time to take a hike. Particularly when you’re annoying me.


Best: We gain an hour. You know you’re older when you welcome any extra time.
Worst: It takes the extra hour to adjust all your clocks.
Sisters: The time change marks a seasonal shift from white wine to red wine.

Best: Back to school has parents popping Prosecco corks around the world.
Worst: You have to officially remember what day of the week it is.
Sisters: Mom’s can go back to drinking wine out of a glass instead of a Gatorade bottle.


Best: My summer body wasn’t ready, but my winter body is good to go.
Worst: Just ‘cuz it zips, don’t mean it fits.
Sisters: Yes, Corona is a vacation in a bottle, but the jelly-belly was there in June.

Best: My favourite colour is September.
Worst: Birch, please. Make like a tree and leaf.
Sisters: If money really did grow on trees, fall would be the best season ever.


Best: The American presidential election is almost over.
Worst: There’s talk of building a wall around Benghazi.
Sisters: It was a terrible summer for Humpty Dumpty, but he had a great fall.

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